Mobile Technology – Its Future

What’s all these buzz about mobile technology? Does it deserve to be talked about everyday?

The technological world nowadays is wholly dominated by mobile technology. Almost everything today is done mobile. There are a lot of examples to prove this point. Now, let us go back in time. Way back in time, there were snail mail and telegrams but now we have the iPad. It is quite amazing when we think how things transform from being so simple to such a complex one. But at one time, the telegram is the best creation of all and these days are the tablets and some years or month later it will be another. The mobile technology is one which is very vast and ever-changing.

The credit of such a development goes to not only a single software development company but all companies along with human imagination and ability. It is the human imagination that drives their capability to create such a complex device. Depending upon the change of human imagination, there is also a change in the type of technological advancement. The change in the trend of mobile technology can be seen if we look into the types and technology within a certain time gap. As for instance, a couple of years back, the iPhone is the one gadget which everyone would like to lay a hand on and now it is no more and is replaced by iPad and other similar devices. And another example is the speed of mobile access. Then was CDMA, GPRS and now the 2G and 3G and soon it will be the 4G. The question is what kind of mobile technology will prevail a year from now, ten years from now or fifty years from now?

The future of mobile technology is hard to imagine but we know that something we thought is impossible now will be made possible by then. With the change in the mobile technology, there is also a similar change in the trend of web application development.

Cloud Computing and Mobile Technology

Cloud computing is something which is most talked about these days and it is mainly meant for the World Wide Web and the fact we also know is that nowadays people spend most of their time with their mobile devices instead of their personal computers. And as put forward by ABI, Mobile cloud computing will soon become a driving force for the future mobile technology and it will eventually be the predominating way in which mobile and mobile web applications will operate. Here, Mobile Cloud Computing refers to a setting wherein the data processing and storage happens outside the mobile device. There are already some services that adopt this theory but most mobile data storage and processing takes place on the device itself. The future mobile technology if we imagine is something which is totally different from what it is today.

The future of mobile technology is hard to predict for we humans are a strange species of animal. We are endowed with a unique capability of creation and imagination. No matter how long we exist and how developed our technology is, we will make out new ways to create new technology that will make our lives easier. Its importance has risen so high that the future of not just single IT outsourcing company or any IT firm or an individual depends upon it but the whole world.